Department of Social Work was founded in 1961, under the public Law No. 7355 Article 1, establishing the Institute of Social Services, as a higher educational institute by the name of ''Social Services Academy'' of four-year study course under the auspices of Ministry of Health and Social Assistance.

During the first years of its establishment, UNDP supported the Academy and provided four training advisors. In addition six professors sponsored by the Fulbright Commission took part as faculty members in the Academy. Also a Dutch lecturer through Dutch Technical Assistance program, a Pakistani and an Indian lecturer through personal agreements taught in the Academy. In 1965 the Academy was accepted as a full member by the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW).

In 1982, under the new Higher Education Law, Social Work and Social Services Department, established in 1967, of the Administrative and Social Sciences Faculty of Hacettepe University joined the Social Services Academy and the Academy became Department of Social Work of Hacettepe University. 

The educational objectives of the Department of Social Work are to train social workers: 

  • Who have a good knowledge and understanding of the essential problems and characteristics of the Turkish Society as well as the knowledge of social work methods and professional skills; 
  • Who are able to practice in a range of rural and urban, governmental and non-governmental settings; 
  • Who are able to participate effectively in social policy and planning at various levels; and  
  • Who are able to plan, organize, administer, practice and undertake research in a variety of social welfare settings. 

The curriculum of undergraduate program of the Department includes the theoretical and practical courses. Teaching methods such as lectures, group discussions, case studies, role playing and workshop are used. Field work in social work methods is done under supervision by placing the students in related agencies. Applied research is organized in small groups under supervision.In addition to undergraduate program, the Department runs MSW and Ph.D. programs. 

Media of teaching is Turkish. But %30 rate of lessons are given in English since 1998 -1999 educational somester. Because of this rule students are applied to an English proficiency exam, students who are failed are given one year English preperation education. 

International relations of the Department starting from its beginning has been broadening including Departments of social work in Western European countries, particularly in Germany and Holland, where Turkish population is concentrated and human problems created by the migration process required growing interest of social work. The total number of registered students of the undergraduate program is 771 in 2010. The total number of graduates in 2010 is about 3997. Social workers work generally in General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Ministry of Health and its various agencies and facilities, Ministry of Justice and its various agencies and facilities, local administrations, State Planing Organization, Ministry of Education and its various agencies and facilities, Labour and Social Security Ministry, hospitals, medico-social centers of the universities, industrial settings, street children centers, various social welfare projects and NGO’s etc.